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Hello I am Raymond Whittaker and welcome you to my private web page. I will show you a bit about my self. With pictures notes and Videos about my self. This page will always be under construction as each day adds to it.

I am showing yourself some of my photos from when I was small to now. They may not be off the height quality but they should download quickly. Look and enjoy. Next group of pictures will be of some of my cars I've had.

ray1.1.jpg (3575 bytes) Young photo-booth  photo
ray2.2.JPG (9201 bytes) Photo-both photo. Don't like these?
ray4.JPG (12252 bytes) 21st Birthday party
ray8.JPG (9540 bytes) Sutton fell race
ray7.JPG (8641 bytes) At a wedding
ray9.JPG (29166 bytes) Kited out.
ray5.JPG (15618 bytes) In London
ray3.GIF (123911 bytes)
ray6.JPG (17695 bytes) Me at team in focus meeting in Milton Keynes
ray-29-09-2004.gif (36272 bytes) Me on the 29/09/2004