Gascoigne Melotte Robotic Milking System

Robotic Milking System (R.M.S.)

Robotic Milking system ( RMS. )
The Gascoigne Melotte RMS. is characterized by its simplicity. The approaches the under from behind and between the hind legs, like in side by side parlors. It is the safest way for animals and machine to attach the cluster.

Washing the udder

Preparing and cleaning of udder and teats is preformed by a rotating brush. Tests have shown that this kind of cleaning is very effective. The brush is cleaned, and if necessary disinfected, after each udder preparation.

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The milking station of the Robotic.

Milking System of Gascoigne and is identical to the open tandem parlour construction.
After the cow has been identified feed is dispensed. If desired, feed can also be dispensed during milking.
The hind legs are somewhat spread to let the cluster pass.
The freedom of movement of the cow in the RMS. is better, compared to all other conventional milking parlours.
Cows do not hesitate to enter the RMS. The capacity of one Robotic Milking system is approximately 120 milkings per day, which means that 40 to 50 cows can be milked three times per day.