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VivaMK Network Questions Answers

VivaMK Network LTD Questions & Answers


Hi here are some questions you may be wondering about VivaMK. These answers are provided by VivaMK staff on June 2021. Some may be a bit lacking in substance, but at the time of righting may not have a clear answer.

 The VivaMK Business


Q/ What does VivaMK Stand for?


‘Viva’ means FOREVER.

MK stands for ‘My Kleeneze’.

The sentimental name was created following the liquidation of the Kleeneze business, especially as most of the people wanting to work together were from the Kleeneze organisation, including Michael Khatkar who was the Managing Director of the business.


Q/ Will VivaMK ever buy the ‘Kleeneze’ brand?

A/ It is unlikely it will be for sale, nevertheless it’s the sentimental past and albeit it bonds many people from a time gone by, it may not hold the commercial value we need, especially whilst establishing the VivaMK brand.

Q/ What is VivaMK’s MISSION Statement?

A/ This is split into three distinct areas.

Key: A business that values every individual as a PARTNER, creating a ‘HOME’ environment.

Product: Building a portfolio of quality branded products from HEALTH to Household Cleaning.

Distinction: Offering a personal, swift & exceptional SERVICE both to Partners & Customers.

Q/ What is the company policy concerning involvement in other MLM’s?

A/ No company should dictate what people can do to create income streams, nevertheless (as a question of ethics), we will draw the line at using our events, groups, systems to sponsor people into alternative organisations.

Q/ How would you describe the nature of the company?

A/ We have never wanted to fit into any box. The aim is to build something original and not necessarily related to any business genre. MLM is a great business model but has an ever-growing distaste in the commercial world, often disregarded by investors, the banking world and the media as unprofessional. We would rather be seen as ‘a unique commercial entity that simply revolves around supporting PEOPLE to make money & thrive in a company where they are valued’.

 We do not need stereotyping to be BRILLIANT!

Q/ How does the commission structure compare?

A/ As with the answer above, albeit we want to distance ourselves from other MLM’s and the like, our commission structure, which is a ‘volume-based matrix’ is modelled on the Kleeneze commission structure and contributes an overall pay-out of approximately 40% of turnover and therefore is comparable to ANY business in the industry (and matches the overall volume-based pay-out that Kleeneze paid). The latest version of the commission structure was ONLY launched two years ago and will take time to mature. At maturity (based on structure & volume), there will be (based on the 40% overall pay-out), substantial commission payments.

Q/ Will there be any more changes to the commission structure?

A/ There are no changes scheduled for this year, albeit we will conduct a full review in early 2022, at which time the many suggestions you have made will all be considered.

Q/ Does the company offer any advice on TAX matters?

A/ Our Partners in business are self-employed, therefore it is their personal responsibility to deal with their tax matters, we do not offer such advice.

Q/ Is the company considering Credit Limits?

A/ We are in conversation with various third-party organisations that can facilitate credit arrangements. We will inform you as soon as we have any news.

Q/ Is there a new operating system planned?

A/ Yes, there is.

After many IT / technical disappointments we have sourced a brand-new company that is creating a new system fit for the needs of a growing business. We will keep you informed as soon as we have something meaningful to demonstrate to you.

Q/ Can I change my sponsor?

A/ No, sponsors cannot be changed without a one-year abstinence from the company.

Q/ What is the latest with Ireland?

A/ Taxation & customs have been a perpetual challenge for any non-EU company exporting to Ireland. Albeit we can deliver to Ireland in 48 hours, it’s VAT / Duty charges that have remained the challenge. We will publish more information this week as we continue to explore the introduction of IOSS (Import One Stop Shop), a new electronic portal designed to make the process easier.

Q/ Are there any more HQ Leadership Days planned?

A/ Yes, we will have those in future months, once Covid restrictions are relaxed.



Q/ Will you introduce TRAVEL Incentives?

A/ Yes, in time we will. As the company continues to grow, we will introduce bigger incentives, however they must always be viable for everyone to achieve, and they will give alternatives for people unable to travel. We will also try and include family orientated incentives wherever possible. Almost all the current incentives are borne of ideas from our Partners in business.

Q/ Will you introduce CAR incentives?

A/ There is no plan to do so for a few years yet. Nevertheless, we are certain of creating something a little more inventive.

Catalogues & Products


Q/ When is the next Catalogue?

A/ There will be a brand-new brochure/catalogue in July 2021, specifically based on aromatherapy (more details & PDF in the coming days).

(ARAY There is always an ongoing new catalogues, VivaMK Independent Distributors usually get to know a month before)

Q/ How many more catalogues are due this year?

A/ There will be (including the one mentioned above), EIGHT new publications for the rest of 2021, encouraging newness, originality & (of course), increased visibility & increased sales for YOU.

(ARAY more new updated catalogues each year from now on).

Q/ When can we expect the Christmas Catalogue?

A/ PDF’s & product launches will be towards the end of August, with the catalogue scheduled for the first week of September.

Q/ When can we expect the new Personalised Catalogue?

A/ It is scheduled for early August 2021, with the full PDF scheduled towards the end of July 2021. This will be our first 100% in-house Personalisation range, improving delivery timings & product offerings


Q/ How many new VivaMK Products can we expect?

A/ Products are continually being researched & manufactured. It is a timely process, but we have quite a number in the pipeline, with a much asked for product scheduled for July 2021. There will be multiple new products before the end of 2021.

(ARAY ongoing).

Q/ When can we expect BERRY-BUZZ?

A/ Berry Buzz, the new oat-based breakfast shake (which has been manufactured from scratch), is scheduled for the first 2 weeks of July (and yes, there will be a way of getting a free sample of this brilliantly conceived new product)

(ARAY is being sold now and is going down very well. See one of previous blog for info).

Q/ How many more products can we expect in the VivaMK Health range?

A/ There are another 3 products (in addition to the Berry Buzz mentioned above), scheduled for release THIS year 2021, all of them hugely complementing your health & wellness. Health product innovation & manufacture is a substantial investment and worth every moment and every penny of investment, as demonstrated with the Meal Replacement shakes, which have received universal praise.

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