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VivaMK Networking Warehouse

VivaMK Networking Warehouse Address and Photo

Since VivaMK Network LTD have started up in business they have had two warehouses. The first warehouse was in wales which did not work out with the landlord. Then after moving there products around VivaMK have settled with this warehouse in Accrington. 

This was due to being located in the similar area as Kleeneze was. This meant it was close to where some of the staff lived from Kleeneze.

VivaMK warehouse


VivaMK Network LTD
Kershaw Street,

Road map to VivaMK

The warehouse backs up to the canal. which you would not know it was there if you arrive by car. The building is not a modern warehouse but it provides plenty of floor space. Also has the use of the office rooms. And may get a bit chilly in the winter. 🥶

arial photo of VivaMK Networking

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