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VivaMK Printing

VivaMK Printing

Hi VivaMK Networking Distributors,

This is to help you decide how you would go about getting your VivaMK Networking Printing own branded stationary from.

One of your biggest outgoings and you will spend a lot of time is printing your slips for your Catalogues. For your catalogues you will need a slip to go into your catalogue bag saying basically who you are and the day you are coming back to pick the Catalogue up. You will need a second slip (Sorry I missed You) slip to put through the front door if the book is not left out side when you go, to collect the book. Also you will need a third slip ( thank you for your order) slip.

If you don’t have time to mess around printing these then you can ask your upline to get some. Some meetings you will find a desk selling them or you can order them from the official VivaMK Network Printer. Links below.

Vivamk Printer

If You decide to PRINT at home.

If you decide to print at home. some tips for you.


I would say get a Laser printer than a bubble jet printer. Don’t get a home printer invest in a small office printer.

Don’t be tempted to go out and get a Bubble jet printer because you will be working out side and at some point your slips will get wet and Bubble jet ink is not water proof and soon becomes a mess in water. Laser printers are water proof ink if the slip get’s wet just dry the slip off.

Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap brand new bubble jet printer from the shop. Because the inks will be £15 plus to buy. Get an older bubble jet which you know you can buy replacement cartages from £3.00 plus. saving you a fortune.

Only by a Kyocera laser printer as they have patent the cartridge. So you only need to add more power (by drilling hole in the powder ink holder and top up with a funnel) and not replace the workings like other Laser printer makes.

Invest in a double sided printer as it will save you on paper. And has other advantages with flyers and slips.

Top tip don’t cut the slips out with sizers. Use a good quality gelatine, with a Laser printer they will look so official.  

Home printing

Using the official VivaMK Networking Printers

VivaMK Printing is a company called Barneys Print Shop. They have over 30 years experience in the industry and it is there aim to provide VivaMK Independent Distributors with everything we need to successfully run our VivaMk Network business.
VivaMK Printing focus is on providing use with quality products at a fair price. If VivaMK Printing wouldn’t use it, they wouldn’t expect you to either.
If you have a printer and decide to do your own printing like myself you still would need branded clothing and a hat from them.
If you decide to do the cataloguing then you will need a trolly and a branded bag to help you with your business.
Barneys Print Shop
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