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VivaMK Rhino Logo

Lynn McDonald VivaMK Network logo A Team Rhinos

One part of the VivaMK Network LTD Independent Distributors is the “A Team Rhinos” headed by leader Lynn McDonald.

Here below are varied different logos used for the Rhino team in VivaMK Network. 

The first Rhino Logo used for the team in notifications on facebook.

A Team Rhino logo VivaMK

The second Rhino Logo used in notifications on facebook and different multimedia platforms.

VivaMK Rhino

Third logo used by Lynn McDonald A Team Rhinos group. with the seagull sat om the back of the Rhinoceros back.

A Team Logo Rhino

Raymond Whittaker group Rhino

When I started in MLM many years ago. This was my first Goal board I did. You can see me dreaming of the circles floating in the pool. It’s coming true I’m a Rhino…..

VivaMK beach

Rhino Logo holding a shield

Rhino VivaMK shield logo

Rhino Logo jumping through VivaMK Network LTD LOGO

Rhino bursting through VivaMK Logo

Rhino Logo in use

Rhino Logo on catalogue
Jumping Rhino VivaMK

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