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VivaMK Independent Distributors!

Why they are in the UK business

Lisa and Kevin Wratten

Lisa & Kevin Wratten

“We found working a conventional job around various long term Hospital appointments was practically impossible, so we decided to find something where we could work to our own timetable and earn a real income. Little did we realise the FRIENDSHIP we would make along the way!”
Geoff Owen

Geoff Owen

“The reason I do VivaMK is Flexibility and FREEDOM. Due to voluntary work commitments, I need something flexible that could fit around these things – VivaMK fits the bill perfectly. An added advantage is – there is no boss to answer to and I’m in control of my time – no need to go out in the rush hour if I don’t want to”
Lisa and Kevin Wright

Lisa & Kevin Wright

“We joined VivaMK to run alongside our current business as Photographers. VivaMK offers us the flexibility to work around family commitments. It creates an additional income for us. It gives us the opportunity to build a long-term RESIDUAL INCOME”

Get the business that never gives up on you.

To create a true ‘People’s Business’, synonymous with equality for the individual, a passion for success and supporting people to be confident in business, allowing them the freedom to achieve what they want both personally & professionally.

Valuing people will remain at the core of everything we do.

We specialize in...

We here to build a network of normal people.

Our focus is on building a company that is based on positive relationships and integrity. We believe that it is our responsibility to share our opportunity with everyone and provide an equal setting in which anyone can prosper. We want VivaMK Network to be the ‘PEOPLE’S BUSINESS’ For the people, about the people and simply revolving around PEOPLE!

Three core principles are at the centre of our business.

Our business is to put PEOPLE at the forefront of everything we do.

VISION - Individuals to lead the way to success by celebrating unique talents, fostering growth, innovation, and creativity. Put people at the helm of the business to ignite inspiration and create opportunities for growth and leadership. Embrace diversity, encourage collaboration, and create a meaningful legacy. Together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.
BELIEF - Let me tell you something. Our greatest talent is not only the belief that we can achieve anything we want, but also the ability to back it up with action! We're like unstoppable forces of nature when we combine our crazy beliefs with hard work and determination. So pick your head up, give yourself a pep talk, and go out there and conquer the world! Trust me, darling, with your belief and my witty charm, nothing can stop us!
PARTNERSHIP - We are pleased to inform you that we enjoy an exceptional connection. We firmly believe in a collaborative approach as we work towards our common goal. By working together, we are able to create a stronger impact and drive success.

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

Whether you're a Customer or a VivaMK Network Distributor we value the connection you've made with us over & above everything else.

Would you like time to breathe?

The ‘VivaMK Network’ often regarded as ‘The People’s Business’, is a unique retail organisation, founded in 2018.

A business in which people are supported & encouraged to make an extra income, through the distribution of products, that customers want and need, including ‘Kleeneze’ branded, superior cleaning products for home & outdoors. (‘Kleeneze’ branded cleaning products are exclusive to the VivaMK Network).

We have hundreds of people already enjoying the warmth, connection & income of being involved with one of the newest & most dynamic companies of its kind in the UK & Ireland today.

We have built the foundation of The VivaMK Network around people and the spirit & partnership of working TOGETHER. 

Become a PARTNER as we continue to build and value the importance of PEOPLE and encourage personal & financial growth.

You have the power to transform your body, mind, and life starting today! With dedication and a positive attitude, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Believe in yourself and trust that your hard work will pay off. Small steps towards a healthier and happier you will lead to great progress and success. Don't let anything hold you back, because the journey towards transformation is both challenging and rewarding. Stay motivated and cherish every step of the way. Remember, every small accomplishment is a step closer to the amazing person you're meant to be. Keep pushing forward and see the transformation take place in your life. You've got this!