You are currently viewing No more catalogues in 2022 for your customers.
New startup VivaMK firm specializes in Catalogues

No more catalogues in 2022 for your customers.

No more Catalogues for your Customers in 2022

We do catalogues

Are you losing your income due to your customers won't use the online shop.

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VivaMK main Catalogue 2021

Was this one of your last catalogue?

Did you drop your catalogue of once a month?

Did you have face to face contact with your customers?

No more catalogues for your Customers?

Has Your company stopped you from all this?

I still have catalogues delivered to my customers.

I drop my catalogues each month.

I see my customer face to face.

I let new customers have a look through the catalogue at home in their own time.

Forever my Kleeneze

Whilst some company’s started off better from the beginning. (Forever my Kleeneze) VivaMK Network LTD had a bit more rocky start. Now it’s a thriving business Opportunity.

VivaMK Network sees the futcher with catalogues or brouchers. It sees that the catalogues is the personal touch which we give to our customers. This personal touch is what keeps the network ticking over.

You will find VivaMK Network will not sell to customer. They believe it’s up to us the Independent distributor or they call us the partner’s.

If you order before 1pm you will receive your orders the next day free of charge. At weekends also.

You will find there is over 95% stock level kept.


Swap your customers over to VivaMK


Join me Raymond Whittaker

Carry on with your Customer business. But with a different name catalogue. VivaMK. You & your customers will see a difference.

  • Better quality of VivaMK branded cleaning products. What it says on the bottle it does.
  • High level of stock. What you order comes in the delivery.
  • Business worked around you. You are put first.
  • Team Building. get taught how to build a team.
  • Able to make more money. Better prospects & better stocking of products.
  • Don’t be left out. go with the flow.

Join me Raymond Whittaker as a VivaMK Independent Distributor.

If you prefer a company that always has and always will do catalogues join me with VivaMK.

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